Oranges in Seville

For me, 2020 has begun in Seville with oranges. The book I’m writing (working title The Bitter-Sweet Oranges of Seville) to be published by Quercus Books in March 2021, is set in West Dorset and Seville and features lots of oranges…

To research this book, I spent a few glorious weeks in Andalusia visiting – among other places – the Ave Maria Orange Farm where this picture was taken. We were shown around the farm by José who explained how and why the landscape of the Alcor is perfect for growing orange trees and how the growing and the production works. This farm prides itself on its values and its standards – the fruit is organic and the trees lovingly tended – José even plays classical music to the trees and firmly believes that they communicate with each other through their roots. The farm supplies Waitrose with their organic Seville oranges and is the inspiration behind many a marmalade.

Writing about the Ave Maria Orange Farm this week has taken me right back to last March when I first visited the area. And on a dreary January morning in the UK I can’t think of a nicer place to be…

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