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Rosanna Ley’s writing holidays take place at stunning locations such as the Finca el Cerrillo – a 200 year old farmhouse situated close to the traditional Andalucian village of Canillas de Albaida, high in the foothills of the Sierra Almijara, Southern Spain. The Finca was a working olive mill until the mid 1960s and has been carefully restored to preserve the charm and character of old Andalucia whilst providing the modern comforts and excellent cuisine of a small and charming hotel. All 14 rooms have full en-suite facilities and glorious views. We have been coming here for over fifteen years and there’s a good reason for that…

Find out more about Finca El Cerrillo on their website: www.hotelfinca.com

See what others say about the finca on TripAdvisor: https://bit.ly/2HV3Rvt

The course is ideal for those already working on a writing project and needing some uninterrupted writing time in an inspirational setting in order to focus and get some editorial feedback, and also for writers who are looking for the motivation or ideas to begin a new writing project.

The group is a maximum of 13 and we meet in the morning for writing exercises designed not only to source and trigger new ideas but also to develop more depth in existing work. Every day there is a particular theme e.g. the use of narrative time or writing dialogue.

Late afternoon the group meets together to share work, get constructive feedback and discuss writing issues that have emerged during the day. The rest of the time is free for individual writing and Rosanna is available to read and appraise work and discuss it on an individual basis during the week.

Rosanna’s next writing holidays will take place at the hotel finca: June 22nd-29th 2024 (one place remaining) and for 2025: March 8-15th (now open for booking) and June 21-28th 2025. Contact Rosanna for more details and to get your name on the mailing list.

Best quote of 2020: ‘This writing holiday has been beyond perfect’

Rosanna also runs occasional workshops and events for writing groups and readers. Please contact by email for more details.

Ten Reasons to go on a Creative Writing Holiday:

  • To find some Writing Space. What writers need most is space and time free from distractions in order to get on with their writing. This would do it.
  • Because ‘Holiday’ is a lovely word. It implies rest and relaxation and possibly a sunny destination, as an added bonus. It also implies fun and having a bit of a laugh with a group of friendly people. Holidays are good times for thinking, planning, writing notes, jotting ideas in a notepad while sitting around a pool…
  • For Focus. To get a block of writing time all in one go really helps you to focus your mind when you are mid-project. It means you don’t have to keep going back to your writing project to remind yourself where you are and who you are with.
  • Other Writers.  It’s great to be with like-minded people who enjoy talking about writing as well as other things. These are people with whom you can share ideas and problems and who will (hopefully) give you constructive feedback to help you on your writing way. They also understand that sometimes you need to go off and write…
  • For a Springboard. A writing holiday can act as a springboard to either get you back into something you have already started or to start you off on something new. In this creative atmosphere fresh ideas will spring to the fore and you will be inspired to get writing!
  • Support. To have a mentor/ leader who will get to know you and your writing and be able to help with advice, support and encouragement.
  • Legitimacy. Going on a writing holiday is saying – yes, this is a holiday, but it is a working holiday and not just a jolly. It is prioritising your writing. It is telling friends, family and most importantly yourself that your writing matters.
  • Tranquillity is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing like a bit of peace and quiet to enable you to recharge your batteries and find your writing voice.
  • The Inspirational Setting. Descriptions of people and places will flow from the pen when you stand at the balcony and watch the sun setting over the mountains… (Or you could just have a G & T…)
  • Freedom from domesticity and other responsibilities. No cooking. No housework. No pressure. Just imagine…
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